Hypno-Band – The World’s No.1 Gastric Band Hypnotherapy System

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The Hypno-Band is the World Leader in gastric band hypnotherapy and is the original Virtual Gastric Band method in UK, USA, Australia and many more countries.

Using a combination of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy I will help your change your eating habits forever! If you are really committed to losing weight then the Hypno-Band will help you to achieve your goals.

Designed for those with a BMI over 25 the Hypno-Band is a safe, risk free and cheap alternative to Gastric Band Surgery.

With over 1500 Licensed Practitioners in 45 countries the Hypno-Band is the World’s No.1 gastric band hypnotherapy system.

Please call or email me to discuss in further detail or to arrange a free consultation to find out more about the Hypno-Band.

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