Emotions And Personal Issues


Emotions And Personal Issues

Anger, Fear, Jealously, Sadness, Joy, Disgust, Trust, Shame, Guilt, Regret, Envy, Happiness….. The list goes on.

Negative emotions can stop us from moving forwards and living life in a way that is right for the individual and the people close to them.

Hypnotherapy could help you manage your emotions and learn better ways for you to feel.  Whether it’s learning to control your anger, letting go of guilt, allowing yourself to feel happy, hypnotherapy could provide you with the answer. *

Maybe you are trying to manage a very difficult personal issue such as Infertility, Bereavement, Relationship Breakdown or Divorce, Children leaving home, House Move…. again the list is endless.  Hypnotherapy could be the thing that helps you move on, see things differently, manage situations in a way that works for you. *

Just because you feel a certain way, and even if you have felt that way for a long time, it doesn’t mean you can’t change the way you feel.  In fact, you almost certainly do that naturally and easily many times a day.

Imagine you have woken up in a bad mood.  Maybe you don’t even know why, you just feel grumpy and irritable and can’t seem (or don’t want) to shake it.  Imagine then that you receive some good news…maybe your numbers have come up on the lottery!  Instantaneously you feel happy, elated, excited…. Your moods and emotions can change so rapidly and easily.

Hypnotherapy can gently encourage you to start thinking about things in a different way.  Retrain those thought patterns that seem to be part of you.  Coach you mind into thinking and feeling in a better way, see life from a different perspective. *

* As with all alternative therapies, there are no guarantees.  In the first instance medical advice should be sought.

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