Blushing problems

blushing problemsBlushing problems

One of the main ingredients with blushing problems is the anticipation of the problem. In other words, someone who blushes regularly ‘expects to’. For example, if you suffer from excessive blushing and you know you are going to have to give a presentation at work, or meet some new people at a social function, then what you will inevitably do is worry, in advance, that you may blush. It is this worrying in advance that needs dealing with. Hypnotherapy can potentially be a very powerful method to ‘re-programme’ this fear of blushing to stop it happening. This is because blushing is fundamentally a psychological condition where your subconscious mind has an influence over your physical being.

Using hypnotherapy to deal with your blushing problem could also help you to address the underlying thoughts and emotions that cause the blushing in the first place. Maybe some confidence building or assertiveness work could be done so you feel less vulnerable in situations where you blush. Hypnotherapy could help you control your blushing by assisting you in feeling more comfortable in situations where you are prone to blushing.

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