Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety & StressAnxiety & Stress

Anxiety is a term that covers a wide range of feelings from a niggling worry to  crippling  distress.  It is natural for us all to feel anxious from time to time, in fact a certain amount of anxiety is necessary and helpful in everyday life.  It helps us get things done, lets us know that things aren’t quite right,  and helps us deal with difficult or dangerous situations.  But when anxiety  prevents us from functioning normally, the problem needs to be addressed.

Stress is the physical and emotional strain caused by our response to pressure from the outside world.  Some common symptoms of stress can be irritability, tension, headaches, lack of concentration, feelings of losing control.  As with anxiety, a certain amount of stress is necessary for all of us.  Just how much stress any one individual can manage however, is where problems arise.  When you identify possible causes of your personal stress, you are then able to look further at relieving them.

Incidentally, many of the addictions that can potentially be successfully treated using  hypnotherapy – smoking, drinking, drug abuse, over-eating, can all be factors in your reaction to stress.  These addictions are sometimes used to ‘switch off’ from stress, only working as a short term measure.  They do not address the underlying issues, providing only a temporary escape.

The only real difference between anxiety and stress is that generally, anxiety is seen as a short term reaction whereas stress can last for days, weeks or even months.  There is a condition called ‘General Anxiety Disorder’ (GAD).  This form of anxiety is an ongoing condition that affects sufferers day to day.  You may find it difficult to remember the last time you felt truly relaxed if you suffer from this disorder.

Hypnotherapy may help alleviate your reaction to stress or anxiety and therefore remove the symptoms.

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